KONE launches sustainable innovation programme backed by Business Finland

Elevator and escalator specialists, KONE Corporation (HEL:KNEBV), announced that it will launch a new sustainable innovation programme, funded by Business Finland, and focusing on curating technologies for ‘smoother and safer’ urban living.

The company said that the new initiative will draw upon expertise from researchers and companies, to address some of the core challenges and opportunities posed by expanding urbanisation. The programme will also be part of the “Veturi” initiative, a Finnish drive to get international companies to overcome some of society’s most pressing concerns.

Speaking on the programme launch, KONE Corp’s Head of Technology Management, Rauno Hatakka, said: “The technologies developed in the program will allow new types of solutions, services and business models to mature. Both during the project as well as after its commercialization, our aim is to create employment and export opportunities for Finland. We plan to take a comprehensive approach with the program execution, from multidisciplinary research and development activities to building an extensive global ecosystem of partners and customers,” 

“To help create resilient and inclusive cities that continue to grow and evolve, it becomes crucial to create a smooth and sustainable flow for people and goods. This can be achieved by using emerging data sources – from planning and construction activities, to how buildings and districts are used, renovated and upgraded, all the way to demolition and recycling,” he added.

KONE says that the programme will enable it to increase the scope of its research, development and innovation operations in Finland. It continued, saying that as a result of this, it hopes to increase the competitiveness of Finnish industry and research, which it says will create opportunities for start ups and existing companies. The company added that this work will contribute to the Finnish government’s carbon neutrality by 2035 goal. Solutions generated should help to push forward the development of cities as more sustainable and resilient areas, says KONE, with Finland’s industrial and research credentials creating an ideal backdrop for achieving these ends.